Create in me a clean heart..


As a child it seemed as though I could never do anything right. I was in trouble all the time! Perhaps I was a little helion (sp?)…

Now as an adult; when I am being chastised by our heavenly Father: I can appreciate the lessons.

I mainly slip by my anger. Anger and I have a long history, and those habits die hard, but with much practice they do die.

But I have another confession..

I have a weakness for adulterous thoughts, and fantasies. As it is I used to be an adulterer.

To tell you the truth; I feel like the whore of Babylon.

Recently; I slipped. Maybe the word, “slip,” isn’t the appropriate term. I backslid. I am truly ashamed. Why did I do it? It was by choice. How dare I! I cannot help but feel completely disappointed in myself.

I was sitting there discussing something with a fellow brother, and then when he wasn’t looking I sneaked a lustful look at his lips. Why did I do it? SMH

Well lemme assure you; I feet the Mighty hand of discipline upon me. I am brought to my knees, and rightly so. Out of all the things I know and do. I chose to backslid now? Ridiculous.

Mind you; this is right after the day of atonement when my Priest King Yahshua had just offered Himself as the atoning sacrifice for all my wrong doings from the previous months. Which I believe makes it even more wrong.

Oh this wicked flesh! As soon as I snuck in the look to the lips I opened the door for an unwanted fantasy to play in my mind. I opened the door for satan…me…of all people. I don’t claim to be holier than anyone else, but I can surely claim to have known better!

So now; during the Holy week of the most joyous Holy days of the year, I am stuck at home. Removed from Yahweh’s camp and deemed unclean by scriptural authority. I am grateful that I am not rejected from His people altogether for sure. At the same time I want to face palm myself in a repetitive manner.

All I can do now is sing the powerful prayer sung by King David himself:Psalm 51

As tears fall from my eyes; I rejoice in the gift of salvation. I will do my very best not to backslide again. Yahweh deserves better behavior than that. My teacher Yahshua deserves the respect to His words: Matt 5:28

I return to your righteous teachings; oh Yahweh. Your righteous law that teaches me right from wrong. I repent, by rejecting my evil ways. I will walk in the narrow path of your truth that leads to life. I will do my best not to stray from it again. Thank you Father for your discipline. Thank you for your mercy, and thank you for providing me with the sacrifice in your Son to help me through my weaknesses.

I will watch my steps in fear and trembling. Shamefaced as a Holy woman should be. Amein. HalleluYah.


Day of Atonement


On this day I celebrate the day of Atonement. As I reflect on this biblical year; I consider and meditate on the lessons that I have had. I can see the pruning and the growth and I am nothing short of amazed by the power of our Father Yahweh and His hand in my life.

I am so grateful for the atoning sacrifice in the Messiah Yahshua. Without it I wouldn’t be alive today. HalleluYah.

In the beginning of the year I learned about having a servants heart, and the blessings it holds. I am not here to be served, but to be a blessing to others either in word or deed.

I had to humble my perceptions towards those who came to me asking for money. I had to remove the suspicion and doubt about the ones I was dealing with. Of course; cons still exist, but now I pray about a situation if I don’t know the person.

There is no end to the poor and the needy. I really hate the fact that I hardly ever have the funds to help, but Yahweh gave me a solution. You see; by His Holy law every three years I am to save a third tithe for the poor and needy in the body of believers. This is so they can enjoy His Holy feasts as well. I have done this my third year, and will again every three years following, but the point is this. Why only put money aside for these people during this time? Why not do so anticipating the need of others; which is sure to come; all the time?

I tell you this is a blessed solution for sure. 🙂 HalleluYah!

Mid year Yahweh blessed me with my hearts desire in two wonderful local friends. In them I am learning how to reach others the right way.

Before I strove with people in biblical facts. When they didn’t react the way that I expected them to I just gave up. It took some humbling and reminding that I am only either a seed planter or the one who comes along to water the seed. ONLY YAHWEH can bring the increase. Once I realized, and accepted this; my whole attitude is more relaxed and my faith is even stronger.

Towards the end of summer I dealt with a devastating reality in this wicked world, and the disappointment I felt towards someone I know and love. Sadly; my anger got the best of me. I didn’t react in it towards the person, but I wrestled with it in the privacy of my own home. Finally; I prayed to Yahweh and asked Him to help me, and He did.

He reminded me that we each have our own walk, and that He is working with us all in mercy and compassion. Two things that I; myself; needed to practice in this situation. Who am I to judge someone else’s walk? I am no one to judge anyone’s walk.

Again around the same time; my best friend was being maliciously attacked by an individual we both know. I judged this person and rejected them because of this. I avoided them at all costs, and I shamefully held a grudge.

I had to humble myself, and admit that I was judging this woman. At one point in time I had even prayed to be able to help this woman, and here I was neglecting the opportunity to do so. TSK TSK!

Yahweh humbled me again, and I was able to forgive her, and to remove the bitter root that was growing in my soul. How easy it can be for this to happen once I let my guard down. *Mental note: Never let your guard down..the devil will jump on the opportunity.*

All year long I have acted shamefully with my children. I need to be more gentle towards them. They are children after all. I hate to admit that I fall into the terrible habits in how I was treated as a kid. I got yelled at constantly. I don’t want to be that type of parent. So I am going to take it one day at a time. After all; a new day is a new chance to do what is right by Yahweh. This takes much practice, and instead of getting angry I hope to use the situation to grow strength in the fruits of the spirit.

How blessed I am to have this day of reflection! A Holy sabbatical rest to take the time to quiet my body’s needs, and to find clarity in my mind! A day to reflect and resolute on the lessons I have learned this biblical year from Passover to today. I thank you for taking the time to read this post. Yahweh bless you, and shalom.

Free from sin or law?


The entire Bible from front to back says that the problem with this world is SIN.

You know; I would watch those late night preachers and they would yell and carry on about how I am a sinner and that I need saving, but they never fully explain what sin is, and how I can be saved from the penalties of my sin. They do mention our Savior and how He died for me and so forth, but that was it. And in the beginning that was enough to reach out to me.

When my last unfruitful suicide attempt failed me; I remembered what those preachers had said about how our heavenly Father cares, and that He made a way through His Son for me to be forgiven. It was then; when my mind was quiet and my spirit was calm that my life, and the decisions I made flashed before my eyes.

From the moment I awoke until I went to sleep I was a walking death trap to myself. Everything I did either by eating, drinking, or even breathing was poisoning me. I was constantly killing myself a little more every day. Even through actions other than those listed above I was reckless enough to die from them.

I could finally see that it was Our father Yahweh that had kept me from death, and if it weren’t for His power I would have died in so many horrible and painful ways. This was a huge shock to me because I used to believe that He hated me. How else could I explain my accursed and lonely life?

After two to two and a half years as a self proclaimed born again Christian I still hadn’t searched for more understanding of who our Father is and how His Son’s sacrifice fit into my salvation. I was told that all I had to do was believe, and with that answer does one truly need more information than what I had and held true to my faith?

Clearly I didn’t believe so. I believed what was required, or so I thought. It wasn’t until the reunion between me and my long lost biological father that I finally reached out to our Heavenly Father. I asked Him what He thought about how I lived my life, and through that prayer I was finally lead to where all the answers are: the Bible.

So I read the whole thing front to back. I became excited by the knowledge inside. It all makes sense, and it all fits together. It explains where the tradition of sacrifices came from, it explains what they do to give us forgiveness and healing. Most importantly it explains how to recognize the Messiah through the symbols by the physical means that they had to live by and what laws He satisfies by His death.

I have heard it preached over and over that ALL the laws are satisfied by His death. That all we have to do is believe and to enjoy our newfound freedom to continue in the lives we live. Yet at the same time they readily admit that if we purposefully sin there is no longer any sacrifice for us.

Hold the brakes! Contrary to popular teaching this isn’t true at all. Not ALL the laws are satisfied through Yahshua’s death. What would be the point since the reason we are in this mess is because of our sin that He came to die so that we can continue to sin through our belief in Him.

So many including those in Paul’s age have and do twist his words as warned in [2 Peter 3:16] which reads–

He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant, and unstable people distort, as they do the other scriptures, to their own destruction.

The question I have for those who listen to these people is this: Who has more authority regardless of what you believe Paul was writing about? The Messiah’s teachings or what they claim Paul taught.

I only ask because the Messiah in the Bible taught obedience to the heavenly Father. He himself shows us through both words and actions on how to do so successfully.

Here are some scriptures: John 8:11, John 5:14, Math 7:23, Math 23:28

Remember: 1John 3:4

Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.

I know Paul to write against the need for circumcision and the need for animal sacrifices. This teaching was a battle for him since false religious leaders in the Jewish sect would go behind his back and teach those who were turning to the Messiah that it is only through circumcision and animal sacrifices that they can be saved. After all they rejected and still reject that Yahshua is the Messiah to this day.

I know Paul was constantly writing to the converted gentiles since that was his ministry as he claimed in: Ephesians 3:1,6

He wasn’t however teaching converted Jews to reject the laws of Yahweh, but gentiles to reject the former way into the same covenant we enter into today. We have the Messiah. We no longer are under the yoke of animal sacrifices that took all day and then some to endure. HalleluYah for that! Return to Yahweh and His instructions through the sacrifice of Yahshua in the name of Yahshua. The only name in which you can be saved.

This is the message of repentance from all the Prophets of the old to the apostles of the new. John the baptist preached this same message. The Messiah Himself taught this message, and yes every apostle including Paul taught this same message because there is no other definition for the word repentance. it means to change your mind and to return to Yahweh’s righteous instructions. Read the books of the OT and you will find this repentance message repeated over and over and over.

I urge you dear Brother and Sister in Messiah. Pray for understanding and commit to reading the Bible in it’s whole entirety. No jumping around. No commentary. Just you, the Holy spirit, the Bible and prayer.

Allow the true message and context to be revealed to you through the living word. We are not free from the penalties of sin if we still reject the righteous instructions that teach us to obey. Disobedience is why the world is doomed. Disobedience is SIN.

I do agree that the sacrificial laws are satisfied with the death of our Savior. I do agree that we no longer need to circumcise our males in order to enter into the covenant.

I do however know that this is only one set of laws out of many and the death of the Messiah did NOT do away with any laws. We still need His sacrifice for the sacrificial laws. Open your minds to the pure doctrine of scripture. Gain the essential roots to your faith by the foundation in the OT, and then the NT will no longer seem to contradict and all will make sense to you.

Yahweh bless you and your walk in repentance.

The difference between being kind and having a servants heart…


Hello to all my followers and those on WordPress. What a year it has been already! One of the Devine lessons given to me this year is a wonderful one and I thought I would share because it is so beautiful.

It’s dealing with having a servants heart. I have always done my best to be kind. After turning my life to Yahweh in complete obedience to His word I have been well taken care of in all aspects of my life. Blessed as I come in and blessed as I go out as He promised in: Deuteronomy 28:1-68

So here I was soaking up my blessings and enjoying my new life as one would do naturally. But something happened. In the midst of my blessings I became selfish. When others didn’t seem as blessed I listened to the evil thoughts telling me that it’s their own fault. After all if they did as they are to then they would be just as blessed as I am right?


As as the greatest man that walked the earth once said: I did not come to be served, but to serve. Matt 20:28, and Mark 10:45.

Although I helped people when I could; I was very selective as to who. We are all aware of the scams from people in Africa: namely Kenya. But there are also still honest folks all over whether it be New York, Los Angeles even in Kenya etc. I realized that those who robbed people from those places have stolen something from me that is more precious than money…they stole my compassion and faith.

Wisdom was given to me through an individual during this dueling time in my life. He said this and it is completely true. He said, “You will receive your reward regardless if the person you give to is sincere or not.” Yeah these were truly wise words and they ring in my ears still.

I had a little money stored up as I am commanded to for a second tithe. I decided to give to everyone that I could during the first feast of the year. I stretched that money as far as it could go.  And you wanna know what happened? Something amazing! Every person I helped was encouraged by my charity. Some were completely taken back and shocked. Some even admitted that they never had anyone give to them so freely and lovingly before and they were truly sincerely grateful.

After the feast I felt great. It felt great to give. I have given before but not like this. And to my delight Yahweh blessed me double the amount back for things that I had been needing but neglecting to get for myself. I was finally able to get new clothes and shoes for me and my children.

Don’t get me wrong we have clothes but I always put my kids first and I always bought second hand. Not this time. I was finally able to buy respectable clothing for worship. With shoes to boot!

I was able to get a taste of the blessings in having a servants heart. A joy that you can only receive when you selflessly give in joy to help those who need a blessing. Through you they receive one from Yahweh.

I was feeling what it was like to be a literal blessing to those who did deserve it. I am not to soak up my blessings in a negative way. I am to be a blessing because I am blessed. It is a joy to be encouraging to my brethren at the same time.

So now you know what I have been up to. 😀 I pray that this post has been a help to you. Yahweh bless you all and have a great weekend.

Islam in prophesy: Past, present, and future…


I write to you dear friends because I have had some important info come to my attention. As you may or may not know yet; Islam is in the Bible. Yes you heard me right. How? I will explain…

If you have read the whole Bible as I have urged these past months etc. You would have seen that everything in the Bibile is in a pattern and it repeats. All true Bible doctrine repeats from the OT to the NT. This is how the ancient people were able to prove or disprove Prophets and their teachings.

One such reoccurring message stuck out to me with our current worldly affairs and it ties in with the repentance message that we all need to answer before the return of Yahshua. It is the method in how Yahweh’s people were and will be humbled to repent (turn back to Him and His ways).

How was this done? As you know; Yahweh’s people were prosperous and protected by our living Mighty One when they obeyed His voice of instruction (Torah). When Yahweh’s people turned away and worshipped demons instead through false religion; Yahweh removed that hedge of protection and the enemy people were able to come in and take captive the survivors of Yahweh’s people. Of course as Bible history explains; the people would be humbled and would return to Yahweh and He would forgive them. One of the few people used were called the Babylonians.

If you love history as much as I do; you may understand that the Babylonians originated in modern day Iraq. Are you connecting the dots yet?

As our ancestors, and the Bible confirms this; we are being mislead by both our political and spiritual leaders. As a result the ancient enemy (Babylonians) are here and gaining power because we have been taught and have been listening to the lies taught to us at the pulpit.

Sin entered the world through transgression to Yahweh’s command, and we are eating-up the same sneaky lie that we won’t die if we do the same! Brothers and Sisters…this is the oldest lie to mankind by that sneaky snake the devil!

We will not only die, but our souls will be destroyed in Hell if we do not return to the true Biblical doctrine.

But wait; I know you are questioning as to if we are saved. Let’s consider the Messiah we are taught in church:

The Messiah taught in church is an image of perfection by actions, but rebellion in teaching. Who taught that the laws dealing in repentance are done away with. But did He actually say this? If you reread HIS actual words you will find that this isn’t true. Many false spiritual leaders use Paul’s writings to actually trump the Messiah’s!

Did Paul actually teach rebellion? If you pay attention to the subject of His letters and keep in mind who his ministry was aimed to; you will find that NO he didn’t teach against Yahweh’s righteous instruction to life. He spoke against relying on physical circumcision, animal sacrifices, and judgement from heathens to converted Greeks. He spoke against trying to attain righteousness by obeying the law as the Jews taught and teach. We are to believe that Yahshua is the Son of Yahweh and that it is by His single sacrifice that we are saved through baptism. For all sins. No change required!

This unbiblical church doctrine is saying something that many of us don’t grasp until we seek more truth for ourselves. It is painting a picture that our Messiah and those who followed were rebels who shared the same anti-Messiah spirit. That is blasphemy at it’s best!

All prophets of old shared the message of repentance. Which was for Yahweh’s people to return to Yahweh’s instruction. They ONLY showed up when Yahweh’s people were being led astray by pretending corrupted leaders both political and spiritual. Think about it. What prophet showed up during the Messiah’s time preaching repentance at the river? Why did he show up? What confirms that the leaders of Yahweh’s people were corrupted at that time?

All of my words will be confirmed by ALL of scripture in the context it is written. If disobedience brought the curse; obedience breaks the curse. The perfect obedient Messiah came to show us the true doctrine of the Father by both teaching and deed. He didn’t do all the work for us! He is our shining example that the people have waited for; for centuries. Our example in how to live obediently to the Father.

The Babylonians are here and gaining in numbers. They will overtake us eventually. There is no doubt about that. The best any of us can do is to repent and be baptized in the Fathers name by His Sons true name Yahshua. Which gives glory and power to His name. It also explains His mission. Salvation of Yah.

If you notice; all important men of Yahweh glorified Him by His name YAH in theirs, or the true title EL. Just like the Yahshuas in the OT where Messiah Yahshua inhertited His name; He shares their same purpose:

Yahshua son on nun: lead Yahweh’s people to the promised land.

Yahshua the High priest in Zechariah 3:1-9 is was a priest King as Yahshua Messiah is today.

In our translations the name is Joshua. Hebrew has no J in its alphabet. J is actually a new letter that was mistakenly added bc of the letter I. Both substitute Y in our translations but they are to still give the y sounds when we read it. Translators openly admit removing Yahweh’s name by Jewish tradition. Tradition by corrupted scribes no less. This has also been done through Yahshuas name. Who are we to honor? Yahweh or man??

Yahshua our Messiah is the promised Priest King who leads us to the promised land, and in the future His name will be changed yet again to Yahweh’s righteousness. Which means ,”Yah,” is in it as well.

Please note that even then it contains Yahweh’s powerful name. Which gives authority to Him as well as the heavenly power that comes with it.

Repent Brothers and Sisters for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Time is running out…

Side note: a Sister brought up a great point recently about this post. It reminded me that I forgot to mention one important scripture that was intended for this post. Daniel 9:11 states that a curse is upon us for our disobedience. “The curse” in Hebrew is the word ha-allah. Sound familiar? The Ishamlites are our cousins and it all boils down to a family feud. Remember Ishmael was the son of the flesh while Isaac was the son of promise. While Yahweh made Ishamael’s family a great nation; only the promises of Yah are tied to Isaac. No surprise they claim the lands of that promise for them when in reality it’s for the descendants of Isaac. If you notice the numbers in this verse 9-11…is it a coincidence that it was on 911 that this curse was made known to this nation where the lost tribes of Israel are? I think not..may those who have eyes and ears…

As always I encourage you to pray for truth and reread the Bible front to back. This is how we repent Biblically. After you confirm what I say with scripture; waste no tme in getting baptized in the true name of Messaih Yahshua; there is truly no other name that we can be saved in. Don’t believe it’s important yet? You will by convinced when you reread scripture and discover just how important both the Father and Sons name truly are to every promise given by scripture. May Yahweh guide you to all truth within the pages of His word. The original form of Yahshua Himself.

Matt 11:27

Yahweh bless you in your walk of repentance.

Trials and their purpose…


Hey ya’ll! How are you doing today? I felt lead by the spirit to share what I have learned about trials. As you know; I have dealt with trials in my anger. I have also dealt with other trials as well. My most recent is the trials that come with people who want to argue about scripture. I am sure we have all been there.

What could this trial possibly do to enhance my walk? I will tell you: It’s teaching me the BIG difference between the right way to discuss scripture and the wrong way to discuss scripture.

Here are some great scriptures that have personally put me in place:

2 Timothy 2:23-24:

Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know they breed quarrels. And Yahweh’s servant must not be quarrelsome, but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil…

Proverbs 15:1:

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh answer stirs up anger.

Titus 3: 1-2:

Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.

Romans 14:19:

So let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual up building.

I share my experiences because I believe we are to build up and edify the body with our testimony. Please remember dear Brethren; that w/o love we have absolutely nothing. 1 Corinthians 13:1-13.

We are also commanded not to contend with someone who has done nothing wrong to us: Proverbs 3:30.

Why? Because these situations help us build the fruits of th spirit. Every time we go through a trail and succeed in obeying the Word; we are relearning the character of Messiah, and are that much closer to displaying the proper attitude of the Saint we are called to be. I hope this post has helped you as much as it has helped me. May Yahweh continue to guide you on this awesome journey. Yahweh bless. 😃

Father who art thou?


It was a beautiful day; a day filled with sunshine and warmth. The only cloud in that day was my mood.

Inside my mind and heart was a raging storm filled with lightning bolts and tornadoes. Roaring winds and violent rain…

I had finally hit my breaking point. I had a huge blow out with my step dad. He yelled in my face in front of my toddler. I became enraged.

I decided then that I was done. I was done trying to play nice for family peace. I was finally going to forsake my family once and for all. After all; they always took his side. I was 25 years old at that point.

I sat there fuming. I kept replaying the scene over and over. Finally I decided to call my mother and demand to know how to get a hold of my real dad. Right before I dialed her–I heard a calm thought speak to me.

It told me to try reaching my dad again through information. I had tried once before at eighteen, but I couldn’t find any info.

So I did, and this time I was given a name. It was an individual who shared the family name. So I called it. The man told me that the people I was looking for lived in a different area than the one I searched and he gave me three numbers to reach them. I thanked him and hung up.

My heart literally felt as though it was going to leap out of my chest. I finally had these numbers. I finally had what I yearned for.

So I called the number supposedly for my dad. I gripped the phone as though it was a lifeline as I waited for an answer. It went to voicemail. I let go of the breath I held and sighed in relief.

As I listened to the happy go lucky voice in the voicemail I questioned if I was doing the right thing by even calling this individual. For all I know he could have a whole new family. 

Then I heard the calm thought tell me to try again. So I did. My dad picked up this time. I asked him if he was the name my mother gave me. He said yes. I told him my story, and he started screaming, “OMG OMG!”

For a brief moment I was suspicious and I even tested him by asking for proof like my mom’s name etc. He confirmed everything.

Yahweh had done what I never believed would happen. He reunited me with my dad. I was completely elated.

The happiness I felt to finally get to know my dad; it’s indescribable!

In gratitude I prayed and asked Yahweh to tell me if I ever done anything wrong or offensive to Him. Yahweh has always been my hero, but this past reunion raised my regard for Him even higher.

 It wasn’t long until He responded. One day as I was getting a small break from my child. I decided to go to a resale shop. I have always been an avid reader, and I had found some books from there before.

 As I skimmed their books I found an old bible. It was worn and torn with pages falling out. I knew that whoever owned this bible used it and loved it. I opened it to see if it was easy to read. You know; without all that old English. It was.

 I decided to buy that Bible. It hardly cost anything, and I took it home intending to read it.

 It took a while but I finally decided to open it up. Right away; I received the answers to two of the most plaguing questions I have had most my life.

 Why we die and what went wrong in this world. As I continued to read the more everything was explained. The more I understand; the more life makes sense.

 Before I knew it; I not only learned about life, but I grew to know and understand Yahweh better than I had ever hoped or dreamed. At the same time I grew to know and understand myself in the process.

 Finally when I was through reading the whole Bible. I learned the whole history and future for this world. I am equipped in making a difference by Yahweh’s righteous instructions. Big change happens when people stand up and choose to be part of that change.

 The ancient Israelites were chosen to teach and establish Yahweh’s government on earth. They failed. They failed bc of corrupted leaders both political and spiritual. They failed bc they got comfortable in the motions; never fully committing to the cause through study and application.

 There is a call for us to be that nation of priests today. To learn and live by this government to the best of our ability until Yahshua returns. To spread the news of Yahweh’s salvation through Yahshua, and the details that go along with it.

My friend this is a call for greatness! You cannot expect to answer it or even understand it: unless you seek to through study of the Whole Thing. Pray for truth, and search the scriptures. Your soul depends on it.

Look around. Are we in prosperity? Are we as a nation blessed when we go out or come in? No! Why?

Because like the ancient chosen people…we are fed lies by corrupted spiritual and political leaders. They say righteousness is nailed to the cross. That all we have to do is believe by twisting words. Those same scriptures they use to lie to you reveal their true meaning when you read the whole Bible front to back and know the whole context.

Ask the author to reveal His meaning behind words when you read the whole thing front to back. The massage is not only clear but it repeats from cover to cover.

Why spend thousands of dollars for man to teach you the meanings when it’s free and intended for the Author to?

Seeking knowledge from Yahweh is seeking His face. Seek His face. He will not let you down.

Deut 4:29 But if from thence thou shalt seek יהוה thy Elohim, thou shalt find Him, if thou seek Him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.

Pss 14:2 יהוה looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek Elohim.

Pss 22:26 The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise יהוה that seek Him: your heart shall live for ever.

Pss 27:8 When thou saidst, Seek ye My face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, יהוה, will I seek.

Pss 119:2 Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, and that seek Him with the whole heart.

May this post be a blessing to you in your walk. Peace.